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Tolik I have to agree with your opinion to a point. I too feel Christian have lost their babackbone. I believe it is due to a poor definition of meekness that is being preached. Most Christians are being taught meekness is being non confrontational, don’t rock the boat, be tolerant of others and just pray God changes them and don’t offend people. There is nothing further from the truth. Meekness is absolute power under control, having the power to destroy something and not doing it. Jesus is meekness. He cared for others yet they were sinners. He had the power to call down the whole host of heaven while hanging on the cross yet chose not to in order to save humanity. He stood for what was right and spoke up when he saw something was wrong. Men have been the biggest casualty of bad meekness teaching. If more men had integrity and stood up for what is good and right America would not be where it is now. Please elaborate on your view that we each have our own path and if it fits your belief go with it. I do not want to misunderstand you. It just sounds like if it feels good then do it.