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Time will tell…I can’t predict the future. But just consider this. The media and government officials promote a state of alarm/panic in the public regarding viruses. There’s been a whole list of viruses that the media and government thought would be the next pandemic. Just in the last few years it’s been: avian flu, H1N1, swine flu, Ebola, etc.

Here’s a history of the pandemic scares in the last hundred years. Only the Spanish flu of 1918 was a true pandemic: http://archive.hhs.gov/nvpo/pandemics/flu3.htm.

No one can predict when the next real pandemic will come but it’s unlikely to be Ebola just because the disease is so bloody deadly. Or that is what Laurie Garrett stated in her book The Coming Plague.

I think the media uses these scares to sell news and the governments use these scares to increase their power and control over your liberty and freedom. Big Pharma loves the scares too because they make a bundle on antiviral drugs and large contracts for flu shots. Don’t get caught up in the hype. We can end up wasting our precious life energy on nothing but fear… and not preparing for the real dangers in our lives.