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The biggest hole i saw was that the conclusion for all Christianity was based off of 2 mens point of view. That is like saying all Americans are either doctors or lawyers. The sadest thing is that he missed the key to it all, a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not enough to belive God exists. The devil believes that and is destined for hell. It is not enough to just be good and follow the rules. The Bible says there will be those that cast out devils and performed miracles in Jesus name yet He will say depart from me I never knew you. Christ’s gift at the cross is available to all but you must accept it. You could have a million dollars in the bank but if you do not accept it and make the withdrawl it will sit there unused. Our righteousness or qualification for heaven is as filthy rags. We are made able to enter heaven by acceptance of Christ’s payment for our sins. Faith is our connection to God. That faith allows the change in us to take place. That change is made evident by our actions. We are flesh and our flesh fights our spirit. The side that you feed the most will win those battles. That’s where reading your Bible comes in. It feeds your spirit. We were blessed with free will and it is our choice what side we feed.