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Sorry Ghost Prime, but you missed the point entirely. I am not even Christian, so I have no interest in debating Christian theology. I simply reported what various Christian theologians believed and what the effect of these beliefs are on public morals. What you are disagreeing with is the beliefs of John Calvin. John Calvin was a scholar, was highly intelligent, and knew the Bible very well. You may disagree with his beliefs, but you can’t blame his beliefs on ignorance or stupidity.

That modern Christianity is a moral disaster is obvious to anyone whose head isn’t buried in the sand. Unquestionably, modern Christianity is violation of the third commandment in that it is a gross misuse of God’s name. I can’t think of a worse religion in all of history that used God’s name. And nothing is more arrogant than modern Christianity that is so sure it is right and everything else is wrong, when every modern Christian society is a moral disaster. In contrast, I respect many religions including early Protestantism (especially Puritans), Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Karaite Judaism, and early Islam.