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First to the judge, ISIS does not “own” oil fields. They stole them as part of their conquest. Next, because of OVomit’s concern with islime over Americans, we have to fight a war on two fronts, those being against ISIS AND against our own Traitor in Chief, Ovomit. Unless We the People rise up and arrest this traitor who is illegally occupying OUR WH, we will not prevail in the war in which we are currently engaged.

Will ANY member of government press charges against Ovomit? NO!
Will ANY member of government DEMAND that we close our borders 100% to ALL illegal invaders? NO!
Will ANY member of government charge congress with Misprision of Treason for failing in their DUTY to charge Ovomit for his multiple acts of treason? NO!
So who will stop this traitor? It can ONLY be We the People!

Fellow Patriots, government does not own or control us! By right we own and control THEM! The problem is we have been lied to for so long that we believe that we are helpless in the face of such powerful forces, and ONLY the wise rulers in government can save us. I call BS! They are NOT wise nor are they our RULERS. They have usurped more power than they were ever intended to have so it is up to We the People to stop them.

Will you join in the fight to save America?
You can by:
* Filing charges of Treason against Ovomit.
* Demand of your elected SERPENTS that they press charges of Treason against Ovomit.
* When they refuse to do so, file charges against them for Misprision of Treason.
* When all else fails, gather with other Patriots to halt the destruction of America that has been intentionally brought upon us by the traitors in all levels of government. We not only have the RIGHT but we have the DUTY to alter or abolish the government for it has clearly become tyrannical and treasonous, therefore guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!