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fschmidt, at the risk of being presumptuous as I am no scholar, I can say with confidence that you have missed the point entirely. You spoke a lot about faith and works, mostly as to how different “theologians” interpreted that relationship. Well the Bible is clear so why not read it. Of faith and works it says that faith without works is a dead faith, meaning if one believes, they will be motivated by their faith to act on it. The two cannot be separated no matter what intellectual argument is made.

What is even more fundamental is that Jesus dies for ALL mankind for ALL time. He did NOT die for an elite group or any group but for all mankind. To claim differently is to promote apostasy as Jesus made it clear that He came to save the sinner, not a particular sinner but all sinners.

Your intellectual attempt to propose that “modern Christianity is a moral disaster” is so arrogant as to be difficult to address. Suffice it to say that Christianity has never changed. Individuals may stray for the path is narrow, but Christianity is more solid than any other creation for it is God’s work, and it has and will continue to bear fruit for those who believe and adhere to it. I pray you may come to see that in time.

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