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MB, while I admire your desire to bring your family up to speed, since I consider myself to be a Brother, please allow me to say I worry that having supplies to ” shelter in place themselves” will not allow your family members to avoid the marauders who will be searching for anyone with anything that might benefit them. You already know this but don’t lose sight of this when trying to help them. If they are not well armed AND mentally prepared to pull the trigger, you and I know they will have a real challenge trying to survive in a hunker down mode.

Sorry for bringing up unpleasant realities but I had to say it just to remind you how critical it is for our loved ones to understand just how bad a SHTF scenario will be. And it is coming, of that there can be no doubt.

Be safe Brother. I wish you well on your trip and a safe return home.

For God, Family, Country, & Liberty!