Dear MountainBiker. We will miss you till you back. Like Matt76 said, enjoy every moment with your friends and family. Relax – no need to stress about the stuff happening in the world.

And from personal experience. I’ve got some family that never wanted to hear anything ‘about all the negative stuff’. I kept on trying and gave their children flashlights instead of toys for their birthday’s. Gave medical kits for wedding gifts – and freeze dried food with small gas stove at a kitchen tea. Even had the uncle that made fun of me and other survivalist type family. And then the power started going of and they looked for the stove to make themselves coffee. The taps run dry. Every year the economy started pushing people ‘not so gently’ out of their comfort zones. In the last few months they are quietly preparing their skills. Running obstacle/mud races, shooting paintball. They’ve got their bug out location. With the tides turning, you will see some of the seed you planted – will start to grow.
Please drive safe.