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The more news I read on Ebola in the U. S. the more I think that in one to two months we will know for sure how bad in will get. If the numbers just go into the hundreds then it will grow so big that no one will be able to stop it.

Some of the things you need to buy now because if it grows you will not find these items anywhere.

N95 masks
Nitrile gloves
Tyvex suits
Safety goggles
Duct tape get the black A/C type sold at Home Depot, this is the best one around.
Plastic sheeting to cover windows, doors or a room if a faminly member gets infected. This is why you also need a lot of duct tape.

A good idea to keep people away from your home is to make Quarantine signs that tells anyone going to your house that you are infected so they do not go to your house. This is only to be used if things get real bad.

Buy Vitamin C a lot of it! They are using it against Ebola right now. Zinc, Echinacea have been found to help against FLU viruses.