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I just saw this article. It raised some questions with me about how this all played out.

1) He is from Liberia and carried a lady that was obviously sick. In ebola outbreak area and physically coming in contact with someone that is seriously ill…. Maybe they have ebola, right? So he obviously knew he was going to be getting sick.
2) He was unemployed and had just received his visa to come to the US. He did not return to work and told people that he had no intentions of coming back to work.
3) He lied on his Liberian exit questionaire about coming in contact with anyone that was sick.
4) He is now an unemployed person that has cut ties with this former country. He has no intentions of leaving as his visa dictates.
5) He and his US family are all racking up a huge bill and he has no means to pay it nor can we go after him to pay it. This means that WE will have to pay the bill…….

Yea… I’m happy………