Hope all goes well and you can enjoy the trip without major concerns coming into reality. We, too, are going on a major trip to much the same areas. Visit Bushrat’s sister in southern Maryland (40 miles from DC) and then on to Asheville NC for the Golden Retriever National Specialty with my artwork. Have a few preps in our travel trailer just in case. Back in time for main waterfowl season…God willing.

I know how hard it is to get the ones you love “on board”. Bushrat’s sister is “pink Victorian” although her husband is outdoorsy when he has time. They have married children and numerous grandchildren in the area. We have tried to prompt them into prepping for “local disaster” at least, but I think it’s falling on deaf ears.

My family (scattered across the world) and his family (near DC) both cause that “knot in the stomach” feeling when you see the future as we do, and they are so oblivious. Wake up! you want to scream….

I keep going back to an analogy: Watch the opening scenes of John Wayne’s “Big Jake”. It’s coming, and no one pays much attention. As far as ebola is concerned, it’s HERE, NOW. Wake up!

Anyway, God be with you and give you a safe and happy trip, MountainBiker!