First, you will end up with a couple holsters, it just ends up that way.

Secondly, if you can, avoid the cookie cutter holsters. They fit everyone, just not well.

Gimmicks, avoid them. Keep it simple with either leather belt loops or some solid hook that’s not bulky.

If you can find a custom hydex holster maker near you, spend the money and habe one fit to you and the gun. Make sure it fits you though, too many holster makers make great holsters for them, but lacking for other people.

Are you packing along enough extra pounds so a spare tire is always with you? If so, an IWB may not be the answer, for comfort amd access reasons. At that point, a tight to the body OWB holster will be the best choice. The problem is finding one.

For a couple of ideas, check out http://www.holstersby3r.com
The 2 loop Defender and OC models respectively.

Full disclosure, its my website, my holsters.
I don’t make anything for the PPS so I’m not trying to sell you anything. But it gives you ideas to look at and for.

If you have any questions about them and why they are made like they are, please don’t hesitate to email or pm, or just ask them here.

Both holsters have several innovative features one won’t notice until they are in use. I have a number of repeat customers in both the LE and private sectors, especially since I fit the holster to the gun and the user.