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Let’s see if you CCW veterans can give me some advice on this one… I FINALLY jumped through all of the hoops and got my concealed carry weapon permit. I bought a Walther PPS in 9mm, which should prove to be very concealable. (No, my choice in firearm is NOT negotiable haha though I do plan to get a full size handgun later on.)

However, I am looking for an IWB holster for it and am quite frankly at a loss as to what type to get. I’ve been shopping around and realize that I might need some help if I am to avoid buying something I’ll regret. Is softer the way to go?? Or should I aim for a more sturdy material?

It will be carried under light (summer) attire occasionally. I understand that I’ll have to find one that fits the Walther and that part is up to me… I’m hoping someone can point me in the right general direction or at least away from some potentially poor choices.

Thanks in advance once again!