I look at armor as a last possible item to purchase. And I do mean last.

Too many of my younger customers have their tactical tommy AR’s, 16 mags in a plate carrier, and brand “X” pistol as well as every conceivable piece of gear a seal could throw away.

But while they have all this gear, at home there’s only 2 cans of spaghettio’s in the cupboard, and nothing for the future. They’re only planning for a gunfight. But what happens if they get in one and survive? Hope the person brought a lunch for them to eat.

So lets see:
$460 for plates L4
$400 Soft armor for inside L3
$100 for carrier


$250 for new $275 IBC container for water
$500 for food items
$100 for propane bottles (20lb)
$100 to take the wife out for dinner

Armor has it’s place but you can’t eat it.
It’s the last item on the list.