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I went for a lighter weight option that allows me to go from pistol/banger round protection to level 4 AP rifle round protection (chest and back only) while staying within a max of 18 lbs for the whole setup. I only have 1 more piece to get and I will be set.

Whirli is right…. Wearing body armor eventually makes you stink like a dead possum, but so does laying in a hospital bed for months being unable to shower because you are on life support from a GSW….. Just saying.

74…. No need to try it out. Trust me on this one. Even a .22 burns like a MF when you are on the business end of it. I have heard that the bigger ones hurt worse. So my advice is steer clear of the lead poisoning.

Matt… I looked at them and they do have some decent prices/packages for the AR500, but there are cheaper options with better plate carriers out there. After doing some research, the Condors that they push don’t hold up to actual field use. I do like their plates. Spartan also has some good deals that are about the same in price. You can get a stand alone ceramic Level 4 from Midwest for about the same price as the AR500 plates, but dropping a couple lbs. The nice thing about the steel plates is that they are tougher and take more hits than the other options. Just really depends on what you are after.

When deciding on what to get, I was after versatility and weight reduction versus becoming a walking tank. My knees won’t take the tank thing for too long. Too many miles over uneven terrain with heavy gear.