Whirlybird ,
Yes Putin is a thug , but lets see here :
1. He doesnt like gays
2. he balances the national budget .
3. He protects the borders of his country .
4. He told Muslims that if they dont like the laws of the country , they can feel free to leave ! and that the country will not change to accommodate them , they must assimilate like any other immigrant is expected to .
5. He defends Christianity ( orthodox in that country’s case )
6. He actually loves his country .
7. Doesnt feel the need to get involved with every conflict going on around the world .

How have our leaders report cards compare ? Basically , what Putin sounds like , is the way we USED to be . Before the liberals took over the country . It was a better place then wasnt it ? The guy is not a saint , but who is ? We act all shocked when he does things or says things , that any number of presidents before the 1970’s would have . PC has got to go away if this nation is to survive .Just Sayin .