That looks to be an excellent blade and a valuable keepsake.

I’m improving on the kit. I have two now, one black and one camo. The sheaths have progressed to kydex from Cleveland Kydex. I have very small Maxpediton pouches that are a little larger than the ones on the Hoodlum sheath. The big main fire steels and magnesion tinder remain in the kits along with fine & coarse diamond stones and Leatherman waves. I’m also looking to add a decent small compass and magnifying glass it I can fit them.

Both have Bark River knives with Bushcrafter sheaths which give me s second, spare fire steel in the kit. They’re all held together with para cord. Each kit weighs just under 6 lbs so I’m adding a condor drop-leg rig to stabilize each kit on my leg. These should come in a few days. I’ve tried some positioning and got some new holsters. for my Sigs. When everything is set-up and positioned I plan to have the Sig’s high enough on my waist and forward whith the knives slung lower so neither kit interferes with the other.

The two Bark River Knives are the Canadian Special and the Bushcrafter. Each has approx a 3.75 ” – 4.0 ” blade and use the same sheath. The main difference is that the Canadian has finger grooves and flatter upper and lower surfaces on it’s handle (more of a square cross section) along with a stag handle. This tends to give it a surer grip that the more rounded profile (rounded cross section) desert ironwood on the Bushcrafter. The Canadian would be for shorter messy chores like skinning and processing game while the Buscrafter would be used for longer tougher chores like processing wood.. I’ve moved Fuad’s knive to the Limited Edition kit which has available to it one of the original Hoodlum sheaths from the using kits and that remains set up in the original configuration pictured above.

I’ve also added two 2″ screw-top tins to the kit in the maxpedition pouches, one for storing tinder starters (Vaseline balls) and the other for making char-cloth. This latter will start out with cotton patches to be turned into char cloth at the next fire.

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