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“The patient wasn’t involved in helping contain the Ebola outbreak effort, according to Frieden, who declined to give further details on the man’s nationality or travels. CDC researchers said because Ebola is spread through human fluids, he had to have had close contact with someone in Liberia who had the disease or had recently died from it.” ( this is not consistent with the use of full body suits with 100% air particle filtration required by attending medical staff)

“After the patient sought medical care on Sept. 26 and was sent home with antibiotics, he returned in an ambulance to Texas Health Presbyterian two days later and was admitted, said Edward Goodman, an epidemiologist at the hospital. The ambulance workers and other health-care professionals who treated him are being monitored for symptoms, Goodman said.

Source: NIAID
Scanning electron micrograph of the Ebola virus.
Obama Briefed

The CDC and Texas doctors are discussing the use of possible experimental treatments, Frieden said, though no decision has been made.

President Barack Obama was briefed about the patient by Frieden, the White House said in a statement. They discussed the patient’s treatment and what was being done to trace the people the man might have contacted.”(The President of the USA needs a briefing but you don’t)

“U.S. authorities didn’t disclose the flights or airlines the patient took from Liberia. No airlines serve Africa from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the main domestic and foreign gateway to North Texas, and none of the major U.S. carriers with overseas networks — American Airlines Group Inc., United Continental Holdings Inc. and Delta Air Lines Inc. — flies to Liberia. Delta dropped operations last month in Monrovia, the country’s capital.”

“possibility the traveler arrived in the U.S. from somewhere else in Africa or via a connection in Europe, and may have stopped elsewhere on a domestic flight before reaching Dallas.

Another suspected Ebola case is being evaluated at a National Institutes of Health facility, U.S. officials said, the 13th such possible infection in the U.S.” Where is this at? Wouldn’t it nice if you knew you might have been exposed so you could protect yourself and the people around you? You’re just supposed to wait for the CDC to contact you and tell you you were exposed.

Certainly leaves you guessing about your risk of exposure. What if you were on an plane with this guy or live in Northern Dallas.