I keep getting deer ticks here in Oklahoma and nearby Arkansas. Prevalent in the brush, and also when cleaning game. Had a few after cleaning some squirrels we shot. Keep after them…not easy to spot.

Chiggers too. Hate ‘em. Itchy welts forever. The “nail polish” cures etc don’t work.

Speaking of mosquitoes, I am so thankful we are no longer in Alaska. As soon as the snow began to melt, out they came. Hibernated between the logs of our cabin, I think. Not just swarms but black clouds of them, mingled with black flies at times. Fortunately they don’t carry disease yet–but the nasty little poisonous ones in India are deadly vectors of unnumbered diseases.

Come to think of it, I bet Ebola can be carried by them. Don’t care what the CDC says. If one sucks the blood of an infected person, then comes cruising over to you, its mouth parts can certainly be tainted with virus. Make sure you have mosquito nets if camping…