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2010 was the first invasion of the ‘stink bug’ – marmorated something or other from China that has been decimating fruit and other crops in PA and now south since the late ‘0’s – from China

20122 was the year of ticks – the Lyme disease kind and others in spades -everywhere youwent- even dropping from trees. Thick with them

2012 was the invasion of the Asian ladybug

2013 was the invasion of the ‘moth’ and larvae ‘bugs’ – cutworms, corn borers and the like in huge numbers

2014 has been an invasion of Japanese beetles in numbers I have never seen before in all my years of gardening and despite regular treatments of Milky Spore. Cherry trees went first, then apples….and strangeky the knockout roses still bloom.

Gosh knows the meaning behind the universe’s choice of ‘pest of the year’!