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My only solace is knowing that, where ‘men’ fail…God shall not. He has a plan, though we may know it not, and he shall reveal it in his own time. Who am I to guess what the what and why of it? I do believe, despite many good, brave people’s best efforts; He shall speak and HIS will shall be made known. Woe to those then that persist in denial of His word. ‘HE’ is the one that shall resolve this seemingly ‘unsolvable’ conundrum…but the manner of which, be prepared, will be in direct correlation to the unwillingness of man to ‘see the light’.

Sorry…sometimes I just get that way/write that way. It is off top of my head response to the courageously written revelations of reality in that hell hole of the world. Bless you Benjamin, Robin and Warped – you have ‘eyes wide open’…which is not always a blessing.