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Tweva, i hear you about dhs and fema in the south, the volume of ammo they bought etc. But i am in canada, and a remote part of it, only two fema centers i know of are way north and way south of me. and of coarse the ones i watched them build while i was in calgary at the stampede grounds. has its own side track for the city C train, barb wire, high fences and a camera on every surface. even micro cameras… and two casinos, you can imagine the cmd and cntrl rooms.

gotta agree with your opinion on mercs, they where used during katrina as well, you will never read about it, and they change their name a lot.

Wild anytime, i have a lot of posts to go through so i have no doubt you have some tid bits for me as well.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.