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I dont think it is honestly. Damage done, people are afraid of that day in general. It just has to roll around once a year and people get a dose of fear.

2 many missing planes tho i must admit. this is the first time i have heard about the 11 missing planes.

If there was going to be a major terrorist attack involving EMP, or even a first strike from china or russia, my money would be on christmass.

1. Its the biggest christian holiday, so it would really piss america off.
2. Its the middle of winter
3. Whole familys are gathered together glued to t.v. sets.
4. All your hunters etc will be firmly planted in there living rooms instead of wherever in the forest.
5. Food and fuel twice as valuable. And with everyone you know in one spot, even if you prep your gonna burn through your supply even faster.
6. Odds of agriculture rebounding in spring very slim.

If an emp was to happen here in canada during a six foot of snow winter there would be human pop sickles everywhere. Good luck bugging out of a major city like calgary in -30 and blowing snow.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.