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Whirlibird, wish they would fix that here in canada… there is a bbc documentary on youtube describing the gun grab in alberta during the floods a year or so ago. lots of pissed off people, something like a few metric tons of ammunition confiscated and then destroyed, i dont know if they got all there rifles back, but i have my doubts about what happened to the ammo.

The people really wanted to know how the police knew who owned a long rifle, and why only gun owners doors where litterally kicked in and left open for weeks… the official excuse was protecting property. *smirk*

The documentary is still worth the watch tho, my favorite part is the muddy bootprints in almost all the houses going directly to the gun closets… The only guns they did not confiscate where the ones in safes that where bolted to the walls or ground. If it wasnt tho, you get the drill.

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