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Another emergency backup that I never would have considered before I had one: try to be on friendly terms with any close neighbors with a pool, either above or in-ground. In a SHTF, water is water, and it can be purified. Right now I have 20,000 gallons just sitting in the backyard. I have plenty stored in refillable containers inside, but that backup makes me feel a lot better.

Security through obscurity would be my goal. Being built into the side of a hill our pool isn’t visible until you are right there, so covering it with the winter cover and camouflaging it with regular yard debris would make it look like any other part of the ground. The tarp could be pulled up in one corner to refill.

The idea of a WaterBob went out the window for me when we experienced a total grid failure here. In normal circumstances when we lose power, we still have water (since the pumping station is usually in a neighboring community farther than where the power outage is located), but a grid-wide failure means we have zero water to even fill up a WaterBob. When the power goes out completely, absolutely everything stops.