Well…our military/NG etc may or may not be a threat in the future to ordinary citizens. BUT remember Katrina. The Guard came in and confiscated everyone’s weapons. And this was a medium scale disaster in the scheme of things. If that becomes the national scenario, what then?

My husband and many friends are ex-military and don’t like what is happening. The US is becoming weaker and weaker, our rights are being taken, and the Feds are making themselves stronger (over us, not in the eyes of the world.) I may not have the future clearly in view but things do not smell right.

Thank all of you for your views and opinions. All are food for thought.

KOS, I’m old but have moved and lived in widely varying climates and conditions, so am fairly adaptable and aware for an over-70 wrinkled old lady w/CCW. ;) I may not have all the answers but I keep having lots of questions about the direction of our country and the world situation. And I did not know about private armies of the rich–thanks for that information.

I wish we had the money, MountainBiker, to do what you are doing. We are doing what we can in a small way. And trusting God for the rest. As I said elsewhere, my husband’s philosophy is: If you have to go (and we all do eventually), take an honor guard with you. [This was plagiarized from his late best friend, a Navy Frogman (prior to SEALS.)]

Sledjockey, yes, it is very dangerous to our principles of freedom for the NG to be training for “domestic terrorists”. It troubles me that returning servicemen are lumped in with possible terrorist threats. I understand many of the mockups include Christian religious groups and conservative “threats”. Yet the shooter at Ft.Hood and the recent beheader in OKC have not been labelled ‘terrorists’ at all… This are other items that reek strongly of rotting flesh.

I guess we just keep our eyes open, keep prepping, and make good judgments as to when to do what we need to do.