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Wow thanks for all the advice. People back home should be fine have a farm they are bugging out to in Ct. If that is compromised I believe my friend is closing on a farm in ME this weekend so will have secondary location. I’m pretty sure a sling shot would be no problem just disassembled put the band in my first aid kit . No worries on sling shot ammo either they could be “spare bearings”. I’m a company driver so limits my options. Can’t think of any way to stash a fire arm lol. Only ones I own ATM are a .222 bolt action savage, the worlds largest bolt action mosseberg .22 and 2 break action 16 gauges. I hope to buy a glock 19 or 17 for my girl soon she has experience with one and was going to get a PTR91. Not sure where best location would be for a storage unit for me will have to think on that. lol someone suggested I get an 80\20 1911 and bring a cordless drill lol hmmmm.