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I agree with Whirli and Tweva on this. We need to worry more about what FEMA and DHS (mainly DHS) are doing. The Insurrection Act and Posse Comitatus actually protect us quite a bit from the military. I will agree that it is scary that our NG is training to shoot “domestic terrorists.” These “domestic terrorists” being anyone that is highly conservative and is a strong supporter of the Constitution (google it…. Been going on for several years now). Still, it would take a huge national emergency that required the installation of all the Executive Orders to be pushed through for “our safety.”

As for the thinning of the military to make them more liberal and uneducated as to where the real threats lay: This also has been going on for years. Commands have been ignoring Dem/liberal support propaganda and punishing Reb/conservative thought in evals for quite a while. I saw it 10 years ago as I was just getting out.

So back to the current topic….. This is really nothing new, just finally publisized a bit more on sites other than Prison Planet (not that I like him – disclaimer).