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WildArtist – I know some of the upper ‘retired’ military guys that used to be in charge of global regions of their particular branch, and talk to them. They all (the ones I know) still talk to their fellows, many have their own offices and such, and they meet. But, gosh knows what plans they are or are not making. They are active in a bunch of ‘nonprofits’ and ‘social organizations’ – some you never heard of or can find on the internet. There’s a whole social order and click of retired military big wigs in and just outside DC. Even if those ‘left’ aren’t ‘conservatives’ – many are still wedded to the American ideal of the old school. I am not worried about them. Like Whirly it’s FEMA and the DHS that make me nervous.

But, when all is said and done, people are people. Basically we humans seem to be divided amongst those that either are just wired to operate in the here and now/day-to-day, those that look as far as the nearest horizon (even if it is a hillock) and those that look at the future. I think it’s the basis for how a view of life itself and a view of it is formed. A here-and-now person sees no benefit in time spent ‘guessing’ about stuff that has yet to happen so those things don’t even make a blip on their radar. People who sometimes look up long enough to gaze at the horizon still have a foot in the here-and-now but need support for what they think they see or don’t see on that horizon if they are to act on it in any way. Those that look at the future and notice/pay attention to the shifting views and act upon it are not, in my opinion all that common. And, most have confidence enough in their own assessment of what lies ahead – and act upon it.Of course those are gross generalizations and there all manner of variations – but it is what I think.

If you add in each persons personal predilections, background and the place their brand or lack thereof of ‘faith’ in their lives and what a wonderful stew soup of humanity we have!

KOS – Private armies aren’t something I am overly concerned about at my age. Those private armies are humans to and will be as effective as the level of care taken of them by their employers when SHTF. If they aren’t ‘paid’ in something that is useful to them (should fiat $ become useless) – their loyalties will revert to themselves…or the next ‘employer’ that offers them something better that they want or need. Heck, around here I guess you could consider our local community group which is pretty tight to be a sort of private army – but we don’t have an ‘employer’.

From my ongoing heavy interactions with people from all over and all types in my main business, I think there are a lot more people that are aware of what is going on – but just aren’t sure what to do about it. That is why I posted the Doyouq10.com post/site and suggest you read parts of it. Lots more people ‘see’ than you think…but they don’t know what to do or, they don’t want to be labelled ‘a prepper’ or ‘survivalist’ or even a ‘patriot’ (that smacks of tea-party to many even if they aren’t clear what that means) or whatever. Humans after all mostly like to be accepted by people they view as their peers. Speak to others about becoming more independent and self-sufficient in general and simplifying their life, making life make more sense again, how to shift priorities so they can reclaim more time in their life? Met lots and lots of people like that.

Pontification over. Off the soapbox. Back to work.:) Enjoy this glorious day all.