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wildartist, when changing are incremental at a slow pace, it just becomes the new normal without many people noticing. People as well see what they want to see within normal frames of reference. I know that folks around here have me pegged as an older guy with money looking to become a gentleman farmer of sorts, not a prepper trying to build some level of self sufficiency. It starting out as a 2nd home followed by a complete renovation of the home and property, then followed by my adding a hand pump to the well, planting various fruiting trees, bushes, perennial beds, putting in a 75’x170′ veggie garden space, and building a permanent greenhouse & potting shed affirmed that perception. What they don’t see is that I’d much rather go to the farmer’s market for fresh veggies and fruits than grow my own but I put in the effort so as to build the skill set. I’d much rather buy canned foods in the store than do canning and other forms of preservation myself but again I want to build the skill set. These efforts have also resulted in my accumulating the myriad of associated supplies and tools for these endeavors, many of which didn’t occur to me until I was actually doing stuff. I’ve told contractors who’ve been in my rather crowded basement that we brought way too much stuff with us when we sold the other house, we’ve got all my inlaw’s stuff , my deceased brother’s stuff I’m holding for my nephew etc. Those things are all true but there is a mountain of preps amongst it all that I don’t talk about or draw attention to. One neighbor thought I was nuts taking the several hundred canning jars they were going to toss when cleaning out the deceased Dad’s house and then spending an entire weekend cleaning them & sorting them out by size and type. The guy & his wife who rototilled my garden this week are gardeners themselves, do canning etc. but they think why would I put in the level of effort a garden that big requires. Sometimes people can’t see that which is in plain view be it what I am doing or what is happening in the larger world around us.