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I think 74 is spot on with making a cache or 2 of food. Desert Duck about the mountain bikes, but really try to find one that doesnt make the clickclickclickclick sound when your not peddling and you will be stealth at night.

I use life boat rations in my hiking bag, you can carry three days of rations (1200 cals per day) and its only a pound or 2. I usually carry 9 days of rations in the bag because walking 8 hours with a pack will mean burning an extra 1200 cals on top of the 2000 cals you burn up every day just resting. Also because they are life boat rations, they do not require a lot of water to digest. They arent heavy on the stomach either, so if your sick its like a soda cracker. Some have vitamins in them, but they taste like ass. Just pack multi vits. The best part is how they make you feel full (no hunger pains) and that they have a 5-7 year shelf life. Tho the packages themselves tend to open if your rough with them.

I also save all my instant noodle flavor packs because of the high salt content, the rations have some sodium but not enough in my opinion if your sweating all day. Lack of salt = cramps, headache, and worst case death.

Giant black garbage bags double as rain poncho/shelter/just a bag for loot. A cheap thermal tube tent is like 30 bucks here, they are light weight, but the’re orange :(

TOILET PAPER and hand sanitizer.

All conditions fire starting kit. Magnesium fire starter ( beware of Chinese knock offs, cant even start them with a blow torch, so test it, and bare in mind even reputable dealers carry them, just no one ever uses them and complains i guess.) Lighter and a candle.

If your planning on hoofing it, plan to carry 3 liters of water per day, and have a way to make three more liters in the evening for the next day.

First aid kit after that. 2x as many bandages as you think you need. 2x antibiotic cream. super glue for stitches. Hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds. (im sure you know the drill)

I carry water purification pills, a camping cook pot (great container), and also a hand pump filter, carbon life straws are good, but they are only .3 micron filters, so you cannot drink out of a dirty toilet with one like that moron on doomsday preppers who was eating clay. My hand pump is a katadyn ceramic .2 micron, its supposed to be 99% effective for life, more or less, but i still wouldnt drink out of a dirty toilet bowl lol.

As far as your security concerns go, i would make every effort to learn everything about the law on the subject where you are. There are many insane loop holes. My dad used to carry a baseball bat, glove and ball in his car in the city. Cant have the bat without the glove and ball or its illegal. Never know when you might want to play catch right?

A knife is also a must for your survival bag of coarse, but my honest suggestion is that its not your first security plan. Knifes require that you get close, and they are messy hit or miss weapons in the hands of the untrained. (i read a story about 2 inmates stabbing another inmate 170 times between the two of them and the guy lived to retaliate) Worst case with a knife is you end up being stabbed with it because the other guy knows what he is doing.

If you find yourself in a SHTF like katrina was, dont assume that because its anarchy for a few weeks that you can get away with murder or assault. They investigate every corpse like it was a murder post shtf.

Thats why i suggest you bring a small video camera, small enough to hide your using it, but good enough to cover your ass later.

Flashlight and bats for sure. Work gloves. Underwear (and thermals underwear, if you have room) 2-4 pairs of socks.

Lastly, an extra pair of shoes, or the first time it rains you wont be going anywhere fast otherwise. You can pre spray them and your socks with foot powder instead of carrying a bottle of foot powder.

I also keep an extra form of ID and a pre paid long distance calling card in my jacket. A wallet is just a decoy for when you get held up.

Hope that helps, i had fun writing this. Pardon my spelling/grammar lol.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.