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Wild, I remember selco saying that the older the person the harder it was for them to let go. It makes sense.

In any event. if SHTF i expect the military will be pretty pre occupied wherever the oil is.

My biggest concern in honesty is the rich people out there building private armys, and of coarse the actual private ones and the bigger corporations out there paying them. Gangs rank low on the list here in west canada (just asians and bikers nothing like ms13 etc), but i see a documentary on youtube about how the larger gangs are recruiting ex military to train there enforcers etc.

The USA on the other hand, its a big list of threats if SHTF. Trained gangs, HMG’s and god knows what else they get there hands on, i heard a story about a guy in katrina who mounted what sounded like a 20mm to bolts in his drive way during the gang raids etc. Then you got massive division of religious belief, and sometimes that mixes up with racial hates, then the actual race wars further south you go.

Oh I did forget one other threat here in western canada. Chuck norris has a ranch somewhere in southern B.C, and there is a legit Jeet Kune Do school just outside of calgary operated by one of bruce lees former students. *chuckle*

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