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Angus, maybe on your next run you can use the time to bring your co-driver more up to speed by talking through the supplies you want to jointly carry with you, and brainstorm where you might establish a few caches along the most common routes you take.

If you were both single I’d suggest thinking through whether you wanted to try to make your way all the way back to CT given the population density of the BoWash corridor, but if you’ve got a wife and maybe kids back home, then that’s where you need to get to.

There is no knowing how suddenly a SHTF scenario can happen, but many of the possibilities won’t come as a complete surprise to those of us who keep watching for the signs. Towards that end, how aware of what’s going on are you able to stay when on the road? Talk radio and the radio news shows keep repeating themselves and can’t cover more than a few events/topics. Even a single day’s head start towards home can make all the difference if it appears that the S really is HTF this time.