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Thanks for the responses. We do not travel the same route all of the time. We have been heading out mainly on i80 recently but with seasons changing we will soon most likely be taking a more southern route. It is pretty random what we haul and where we pick up from the east coast. We haul produce back from California (anywhere from LA to North of San Francisco) We always deliver in Carlisle, Pa then head home empty from there.
I have a friend in Dallas but that is definitely further south then our routes take us. My family lives in Ri or in Ontario ,Canada. I believe my codriver only has family in Ct. My codriver is single and we would definitely work together to get back. He has even been looking at knives lately and I think he going to start bringing a sleeping bag and pack too. He is even going to sign up for the Ct courses. So he can purchase a pistol etc.
I definitely need to start networking to make friends a long i80, i40, i70 and i10. I can definitely stock a lot of food on the truck just need light weight options as I’m sure I can’t physically carry 2 months worth.
I wish truck stops had lockers lol that would be awesome.