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Whirly- parts of Miami, although I lived there long ago but am sure are same, are a law unto themselves. Bad areas as Freedom said. Florida, because of its location and climate etc, is a magnet for illegal immigrants and drug smuggling. Lots of people that were drawn by the sunshine and warm weather…only to find it can be a paradise for fools only. Palm Beach on south is one big huge city really – unless you know where you are you have no idea you aren’t in either WPB/FTL or Miami. All looks the same. Developed? Oh yeah.I agree with Freedom – this is not at all surprising about the teens being out that late.Pockets of drugs, poverty, crime – all surrounded by glitz, glamor etc. Better know where you are going when you drive around down there. Many peeps just living in a fairy tale, waiting to ‘make it’ like in Vegas. Miami attracts a lot of wealth. Enuf said.