Great experience! Thank you for sharing. Yes, living off the land is mostly fantasy. Even the Natives in the Alaskan village where we lived had all kinds of modern equipment (while taking advantage of all the “subsistence” loopholes for hunting regs, as all Alaskans do.) It can be done, but best done with a group…

And bears…once you’re in their country, you are no longer at the top of the food chain. Glad you made it, and glad, too, that it showed you some of your weak points. That is more important than people realize. Then you can prep for dealing with those areas.

Although Jack London was only in the Yukon for a few months, before he drank himself into serious scurvy and had to be shipped out, he understood the lonely silence of the wilderness. It figures in some of his stories. It is much worse in the winter, esp with heavy snow and darkness, so you are wise to reconsider solo in winter.

Hope to hear more if you want to share.