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Oh Leopard, I hardly know what to say. It doesn’t sound like the folks in charge know how to solve the problem, or perhaps they know and dare not inform the public as to when it will be resolved.

Members here who live in the parched (in the best of times) and now drought stricken West should pay attention. Some communities are close to running out of water. When there are only a few such places I don’t doubt but that govt. will find a way to bring in adequate supplies but if it gets worse and the number in need of emergency supplies brought from afar grows, the situation may become very fragile. Stock up on water while it is readily available and cheap. I bought a couple cases of bottled water (6 one gallon jugs) yesterday for $5.39 a case. Most people can set aside a lot of water at that price. As an aside, I save the empty jugs for potential re-use in a SHTF scenario that finds me using the hand pump on my well.