How long?
Look to your north for an answer.

35 years basically and it just keeps getting worse.

Comments were made about africans not being ready to run the countries. And not being racist, its true. You give masses of uneducated, umprepared people a vote and they’ll vote themselves out of house and home on misguided principles, lies and some vague attempt to get even.

Looking north to Rhodesia, the infrastructure was second to none in Africa, prior to 1980.

Fast forward only twenty years and you watch the place literally falling apart, no repairs happening, as there’s no people trained to fix things and no spare parts thanks to rampant corruption.

Fast forward another decade and Zim is closer to the stone age than the modern world.
Power? A couple hours a day in places, and you don’t know which days. Water? Sorry for the laughter.

That is what South Africa has to look forward to.

And this is not just my opinion, I converse regularly with Saffers and some Rhodies who are either still in country or who are in constant contact with those still there.

Leopard, god help you and yours.