Thanks, MountainBiker. From what I have observed, few kindred souls here. Mostly concerned about where the next hit is coming from, no vehicles, scraggly unsupervised children who loudly use the obscenities learned from mama, wandering dogs and cats (Hmmmm….resources….) Yes we would like to keep a low profile but it’s not easy. Everyone knows my husband is in a wheelchair; we have a large travel trailer in our driveway; and I have yelled at the neighbors’ pit bulls who come into my yard and threaten me. Grey-headed but not very good at being grey-man/woman.

If things get bad suddenly, just sit and defend ourselves. If more notice, we might take the trailer and head for a friend’s property 5 miles away and hunker down there. They are definitely like-minded. We hunt together and the husband reloads along with my husband, often together, casting bullets etc. They have a huge garden space. But, a well dependent on electricity…weak spot.

When we get back in early Nov from a trip to an art show (need more income) I will make sure the trailer is fully stocked as a BOV. It is already our “hunting cabin”. Yes, we know we’re not in an ideal position due to medical near-bankruptcy. But as my husband says, if you have to go, take an honor guard with you….