Most people have no idea how to get water or food, or heat from what is around them. My plan is not only to prep, but assess what is around you for future possibilities: Firewood? Water? Game? Wild plants?

Yes, my kitchen and workshop both have many “quaint” decorations. All functional should things go down. For example, a lot of cast iron and heavy stainless cookware with metal handles so they can be used over an open fire without burning off handles. And I know how to use the old tools/utensils since I did most of that growing up–a long time ago. I cannot believe how many (more affluent) people are going toward “Smart Homes” with everything dependent upon electronics. One power outage and ????

I SHOULD get to know all my neighbors, but cringe. Most of them in this rundown neighborhood are on welfare and not reliable. We are “over the fence” friendly with my immediate neighbor but not close. She has a child from an abusive boyfriend that visits her occasionally (and throw things around while yelling at her). Know by first names the neighbors down the street but think he is high most of the time. But he does garden… Definitely not ideal, but this is only place we could afford. We do have self defense. So we will see what happens…