Love my Glock17–fits naturally in my hand–but just got a KelTec PF9 to carry. Smaller and more concealable, quite comfortable with the extended mag. I have large hands for a woman (too many years milking cows and hammering nails) so small pink guns don’t work (hate that PeptoBismol pink anyway.)

Also have a Ruger .357 but not for everyday carry. Revolvers are simpler with less that can go wrong, I admit. The first handgun I ever shot was in 1987 on a little island in the middle of the Nenana River, Interior Alaska. I had asked the fishing guide to let me off there for an hour to do a watercolor of the spruce-snagged river with the majesty of Denali in the misty distance. He turned to go, then returned and handed me his .44 S&W. Coached me on shooting it at a stump–said he didn’t want to leave me unarmed because of the bears in the area. WHAM! No bears ever showed up… I still have the empty shell casing.