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Hi Leopard I forward you those two links for job vacancies. keep me informed k.. I wish to alert all preppers and survivalists in the foreign countries specifically in Europe in order to minimise crime, It is our duty to inform our social services and warn them to do a thorough check on anyone claiming refugee status in other countries. The reason I am saying this is because the average joe in these foreign countries specifically S.A can not afford to just so easily emigrate to another country. I am sure Leopard can agree with me on this one.The S.A currency is extremely weak compared to the currencies in Europe and therefore one has to have a well paid job, near enough sell everything you own, house, business, vehicles etc in order to have enough money to be able to afford a flight ticket, let alone leave the country. In most cases the criminals that have robbed everyone, managed to accumulate a lot of money through all these crimes they commit, are the ones leaving the country in the hopes of avoiding getting caught, entering other borders and claiming refugee status in other countries. A LEOPARD NEVER CHANGE ITS SPOTS! About 4 years ago there was quite a few reports of rape incidents in Ireland and guess what two suspects were refugees from South Africa, and the other one was a taxi driver in Ireland and from Nigeria.Obviously every country has it’s problems and bad apples,”gangs, drug dealers,robbers” etc, but if you notice such a big increase of certain types of crime, it’s needed to take a look at the nationality of these criminals and immigration status.