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We also have lots of stone around here – lots of quartz. When get a bunch together and need to restock the spare gravel pile I take it to the stone yard and they pulverize it for me. Then I add it to the garden. Lots of minerals in it. I did an experiment once. Placed a line of rocks all around the perimeter of a bed and down the center that I was putting under a plastic covered hoop to prevent frost damage/extend season (pre-greenhouse/high tunnel). The stones did a fairly decent job of retaining heat enough inside there from the daytime to raise the temp inside a degree or 2 – compared to the bed next to it with no rocks.

What Am I Up to Today?

Soon as it stops raining, going to go back out and finish the last bit of dredging of one of the pond inlets (from spring), stack a new load of wood split yesterday from the huge oak that came down, move the horses about and reseed one of the turnouts with tillage radish and annual rye mixture. Then it’s back to the computer and money generating work.