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Great article Whirli. Should we be looking for it in some future news stand publication? I carry a compact 1911 in 9mm. About a year or two ago i started thinking more along the lines of everyone in my house being able to use “my” guns. My first carry gun was a Sig P220 that mostly rode in my truck. It goes bang everytime but is a little much for anyone else in my family. I used to look at things as me protecting my family but as the world changes and my travels become more frequent I have realized there is a good chance I may not be around when my family needs protecting. They need to be able to practically and effectively operate my guns. The Sig was also pretty hard to conceal especially since I am a skinny rascal and don’t have a lot of real estate to hide a big gun. The Sig is a permanant truck gun now and I have since purchased some single stack 9mm for concealed carry and family guns.