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Hi RSSWizard,

Totally understand your perspective: “Rose Colored Glasses?
More like Misplaced Faith combined with an enormous amount of Denial.
I dunno maybe they deserve it? For not critically thinking about these things?

I was born with those glasses on and could not even perceive how dark the darker side of human nature could be until after I married a Dutch Jew who’s parents were hidden underground for 3 years. He was raised to be well aware of the evil in people and after we married my “rose colored glasses” were snatched and stomped! I say this laughing now but at the time if seemed such an assault to my view of life and people. Now I am grateful and feel balanced but can tell you, I didn’t know how to think critically in this area. Then of course there are those who are aware but in denial and will have the wallpapered illusions in their house of cards tumble about them.

I guess we all get what we deserve whether we think we deserve it or not. :-) The best we can do is live as an example, stay informed and be prepped.

Thanks for the comments and input. I will be closing down for 3 days and back Sunday. Shalom to everyone.