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Isis and Islam are a horse and pony show. They are a diversion, and a conflict to get people angry at each other and not notice whats really going on.

Isis and Islam will not take over the US, in fact its impossible for that to happen. If you havent noticed Hollywood has been perpetuating more sex, violence, rap and r&b, and drug culture and there is no end in sight for that (they will even start perpetuating satanism soon). And the american public likes those things. And all of those things are 100% against Islamic culture.

So there’s NO chance that american people will convert. Plus there’s the strong christian roots too (so either way its not a flavor they’re willing to taste).

The real issue that keeps people from looking to a breakdown in social order is Business As Usual. We’ve been trained to believe that if things are going on Business As Usual that means it has longevity and strength, life will continue going on just like it always does for the next 30 days just like it has for the last 300 days. Oh and they’ve got bills to pay and they need to make sure the babysitting schedule for the kids doesnt have any holes in it.

Its the same idea behind trusting in tried and true established Brand Names. They’ve been around all this time, and if they didnt do a good job then they wouldnt still be in business would they? But that ignores the fact that the trust in them also keeps them afloat, and gives them quite abit of longevity to abuse their customers, community, and environment and people look the other way (whenever a brand name does crumble though, like Enron, their failings become obvious after the fact and it seems that much worse, but even then it still draws attention away from other wrongdoers in the industry).

In the united states they do a good job of sweeping things under the rug, and wallpapering over the problems. If some place is having major problems (like Detroit) then they isolate it just to that area and say “well that place is having problems (but everywhere else the sun shines brightly)”.

Maybe if everything got much worse but only in incremental stages people would know something was wrong. But because its going to be “that big first step” off the cliff they’re not going to see it coming, like Lemmings. Investors might catch wind of it, as they currently are, but even they are such a small subset of the population that the only people who might listen to them are Business Owners (who themselves are a small subset of the population, though larger than the investors).

Also people look to things like the military power of the United States, and the idea that most of the advanced technology in the world was developed right here in the USA (which isn’t quite true). And they think that somehow that makes us invincible and above petty problems. Like we could ignore that somehow because of our superiority.

Rose Colored Glasses?
More like Misplaced Faith combined with an enormous amount of Denial.

I dunno maybe they deserve it? For not critically thinking about these things?