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I dont like normal flip flops. The kind I got surprisingly, from Wal-Mart for $5 have served me well and lasted much longer than the usual type. They have a woven connector between the toes instead of the usual plastic one and they have not rubbed me raw between my toe (but its possible ive built up a callous). The bottom is a stiff kind of foam padding, tougher than the normal $2 kind, and the connectors/bridge do not anchor to the bottom of the shoe (rather are embedded inside the shoe).

Between two pairs ive gotten a total of 8 months of use and neither of them are completely broken or damaged yet (I only got the second pair so that I wouldnt totally wear out the first, and be able to have a backup)

The problem I hate with them though is that when it gets down below 40F on a consistent basis im not going to be able to wear them anymore, and im going to be up **** creek.