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74 I have also learned that we will have a time of real peace. Before that peace it is supposed to turn really bad.

Mountainbiker you have put into words something I didn’t understand until I moved here. Our “democracy” is not a one size fits all. This area is tribal and the tribes have battled one another for centuries. When the British divided up the area they did not take into consideration the different tribes thus creating an atmosphere of warring factions throughout the region. What we see happening now is the a restructuring of the lands to reflect the majority of tribes or religious sects.
We also see that it doesn’t matter how much education, information, and funding, the brutal essence of a certain group has only grown stronger. It’s as if it is part of their DNA.
Interesting comment about the participation of several arab countries on Daesh. A colleague of mine mentioned that today. What is better? The arabs fighting one another or the arabs realizing they can work together for a common cause?