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I just read this whole thread. It was a very intersting read to say the least. A couple things stood out to me about this thread, however….

1) LEO vs. Military concepts of a firefight….. Being prior military, I sat through countless kill house trainings, field X’s, live fire X’s, and several live ops….. This being said, there is something that everyone has overlooked: Shot is shot. It hurts like HELL and makes you do stupid things that will get you even more shot. If you can slow someone down, make them leave cover, or just quit shooting back you have created a huge advantage in the fight. My belief (again it is from MY training and experiences) is that you shoot the best target presented and follow up as needed, rinse, repeat.
2) I don’t care what spiffy weapon system you use or how much you paid for it (high or low). I have sat through more than enough trainings and X’s to know that some people can shoot while others can’t. A .22lr in the hands of a Hillbilly that has poached food for the table his entire life is much more dangerous than a LEO with a Glock. Food and neighbors versus target training? That Hillbilly, toothless dewd will put one between your eyes quicker than you can even think about whether the “Isosceles” or “Weaver” stance is best for the pistol you are carrying at the moment. That backwoods bumpkin has been playing guerrilla warfare tactics with Game Wardens, his neighbors, and drug growers his entire life. So my point regarding this is as such: The right tool in the right hands is what is important.
3) Semiautos jam much more than a revolver, but who cares if you don’t have the ammo? Who cares if you run NATO, run .50 Beowulf or just keep your trusty .32 WCF next to you? If you have the ammo, can use it, and don’t have problems shooting food or threats then I consider you ready to rock.
4) Firepower (number of rounds) versus stopping power (energy of round)….. Who cares? How well trained are you with either theory of weapon use? If you are a 2×1 shooter, then awesome. If you are a single shot should do it type, then rock that. Either way lead poisoning is lead poisoning…….

I personally am setting myself up with 2 pistols because I can actually dual wield and practice it. My second Beretta 92a1 will be ordered in the next couple weeks. Second pistol to this point has been rotational until I decided the direction I wanted to go. Yes, I spent a lot of rounds getting good at dual wielding. Yea, it probably is too Hollywood for most. I don’t, however, have to depend on a side arm holstered on my right side or left side. I can shoot with either hand or left or right handed stances. I can also put a hell of a lot of lead on target in a very accurate manner. Why have I done this? Because that works for me and DOES work for other people in much more operational situations that I have or will ever be in (I hope). If it doesn’t work for you, then go buy your Glock, S&S VXR or Valquero and be happy. All hurt when shot with.

I also have an AR15 with 20″ fluted barrel built for longer range shooting and is dead nuts accurate. I have shotguns including an 18″ Mossy with pistol grip for other types of social encounters. There is also a .300 WBY set up with a 4.5-16 scope and bipod for reaching out and touching something. My safe also has many other hunting rifles and shotguns, plinkers, etc. What to choose…. What to choose.

So what would I really choose for a SHTF situation? Simple: What situation and what was I going to have to do? It all is dependent upon the situation. That is why I have built kits. I have a bushcrafting kit with lever guns and revolvers. Got blackpowder and archery stuff. I also have stuff specific to feeding my family. Got an AR7 tore down in my truck with 500 rounds just in case. Then I also have my tactical, spiffy guy outfit that is getting body armor as of next week….. It all comes down to what happens and when in my mind, thus making it impossible to assume defense versus meat for the table without less variables and more hard data.

I think all of us have the perfect plan that completely sucks for we really don’t know if or how it will work until truly tested.

Now back to cumbiaya and SMORES……..