An 8″ .44 Magnum wheelgun? Replacing the shotgun?

I’m gonna need a little more information on this.
And last I knew, revolvers didn’t need fitted for speed strips.
Reloading with a speed strip, faster than singleloading but not as fast as a speed loader. And there’s no comparison to swapping out a fresh magazine unless you’re Jerry Miculek.

As one who has owned, hunted and carried 8 3/8″ Smith revolvers, I can say that they are not practical at all.
Even the 6″ versions are a challenge to carry daily. There is a reason Elmer Keith and Ross Seyfreid carried 4″ barrels on their. 44’s for daily use.

There’s “effective range” and “realistic range”. The Navy Seals on Grenada were able and capable of making killing hits out past 300y with the short barrels and reduced velocities of the 5.7″ barrels on their MP5 SD3 supressed subguns.

Damage to doors? As one who has taken doors off hinges with both breaching rounds and birdshot, there is no comparison.